I've been working on a new website! Check it out at Leftylettering.com!



So I've open an Etsy shop! I'm selling prints, specifically a lot of my newer work. Check it out here:


steve martin

When I first heard this quote by Steve Martin, everything I've ever worked for made sense to me. This is one of my instagram sketches posted on my tumblr, eight erasers.


convenient sketch bloggin'

I started a tumblr to serve as a sort-of instagram sketchblog. Its easy to post from instagram to tumblr, which I wish I could do to this current blog. I'm pretty much posting things that I don't see worthy of taking the greater time to post here. Most of these are short little sayings and words, if you have any ideas for words you'd like to see, let me know.  


sink or swim

sink or swim

Some lettering real quick to offset all the watercoloring lately. 




I guess I'm getting a little obsessed with these watercolor paintings. This one is for my Mom-mom. She likes lilies. 




Some more watercolor flowers, this time different variations of dahlias. I feel like I'm channeling high school Kristin with the traditional realism. It's so relaxing to work on these. I started this one just as I was starting to watch 'Lie to Me' on netflix. I've gotten through 18 episodes, so that makes about 12 hours of painting for this one. Much more than the last paintings. 



Still painting


My mom saw the black eyed susan's and decided she wanted some poppies, so an early birthday gift for her. :) It's strange for me to do these more realistic traditional media things.


Black Eyed Susans

Still working on these watercolor flowers. Kind of a boring subject but fun practice.

black eyed susans

I've been practicing watercolors for a little while now. I mostly just doodle around with them. I wanted to do something a little more realistic, but I made up most of these flowers without photo reference. These are definitely parts I like more than others. More photo reference might have helped this. The original is getting sent off to you cousin in Virginia. :)


watercolor ferns


Got a new watercolor sketchbook. Work has been ultra busy lately. Halloween set in store! Go look out for that at a Target near you! I've also been taking a screenprinting class. Big fail. I think I'll stick with my gocco printer. :)